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April Nuclear Energy Facts Report Available

by Ted Rockwell

April, 2010

This is the latest edition of the Nuclear Energy Facts Report.  The Facts Report itself contains only facts that manifest in the physical world; no opinions, conclusions, recommendations, or attempts at consensus-building.  But we have found it helpful to precede the Facts Report with some explanatory material on energy production, and conclude with some comments on the historical context.

As always, we welcome input from readers.  This is not intended to be public relations document for the general public, but an interactive reference document, for people who work in, or report on, the energy production field.



Secretary Chu Op-Ed on Small Modular Reactors in the Wall Street Journal

March 23, 2010

America is on the cusp of reviving its nuclear power industry. Last month President Obama pledged more than $8 billion in conditional loan guarantees for what will be the first U.S. nuclear power plant to break ground in nearly three decades. And with the new authority granted by the president's 2011 budget request, the Department of Energy will be able to support between six and nine new reactors.

What does all of this mean for the country? This investment will provide enough clean energy to power more than six million American homes. It will also create tens of thousands of jobs in the years ahead.

More about small modular nuclear reactors,


John Holdren's reply to our letter


In February, 2010 John Shanahan wrote an letter to the President of the Office of Science and Technology, Dr. John Holdren, detailing a comprehensive policy on nuclear energy that was co-signed by many scientists, politicians and activists. Read letter to John Holdren here.

Here is John Holdren's reply


New Nuclear Plants in Georgia

By MATTHEW L. WALD, February 16, 2010

WASHINGTON — President Obama, speaking to an enthusiastic audience of union officials in Lanham, Md., on Tuesday, underscored his embrace of nuclear power as a clean energy source, announcing that the Energy Department had approved financial help for the construction of two nuclear reactors in Georgia.

Read more about new nuclear plants in Georgia




Nuclear debate on the horizon

By Sara Phillips, ABC Environment |

nuclear power station

Expect to see nuclear energy back in the media this year. It's an issue that raises its head periodically, only to be beaten back by the strong public sentiment against nuclear power.

Read more about the resurgence of talk about nuclear power

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