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The information published on this website represents the viewpoints and expertise of its individual members. Our goal is not to reflect conformity but to provide input from a wide variety of professionals in various fields, especially those relating to energy, resource utilization, and public policy. While we seek to ensure that all content and information is current and accurate, the information presented at does not in any way constitute legal advice and we cannot be held liable for actions arising from its use. In addition, cannot be held responsible for the contents of any externally linked pages.

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The information resources of SCGI, Inc. are provided to facilitate the education of the public and the exchange of information. Use of the information presented in these web pages is for the personal use of you, the individual reading these pages. Use of information from this site for commercial purposes, other than those approved by SCGI, Inc., is not permitted. Use of icons and logos of SCGI, Inc. without the permission of SCGI, Inc. is forbidden.

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